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CH.MacGlen`s Castletown of Amberdreams. Per D 03 Red and white,

GC.RW MacGlen`s Connemara.Brown Tabby and white. GC.Wishstar Sensation of MacGlen`s. Red Tabby and white van.

GC.BW.NW Wishstar Triumph.DMBrown Tabby and white.

CH.Boberan Rythmn of Love of Patski Kat.Red Tabby and white.

GC.RW MacGlen`s Miss Beau Peep Jones.Blue and white.

GC.MacGlen`s Going Bonkers.Blavk and white.

Barbeedoll`s Peekaboo of MacGlen`s. Dilute Calico.

Zhao Peoney. Calico GC.Hearts on Fire of Zhao. Red Tabby and white.

GC.RW Artemis Ted. E. Bear of Couronne. Black.

CH.Harwood Rio of Couronne. Calico.

CH.Ilex Aura about Her. Black and white.

GC.RW Kissnhug Halo of Jeanell.Black and white.

GC.WishstarPrayer of Ilex.Brown Tabby and white.


El Zaburs Feu Follet of Amberdreams. Per f Calico. CH.Meihua Sergei of El Zaburs.Cream and white. Budmar William of Meihua.Copper eyed white.

CH.Wattkatz Deammaker of Primadowdy.Black and white.

CH.Budmars Voluptuous.white.

GC.Tehy Buster Brown of Fanci Fx.Brown Mc Tabby White.

GC.CouronneHearts on Fire of Zhao.Red Mc Tabby white.

CH. Ilez Aura about Her.Black and white.

CH.Fanci FX Whoopi of El Zaburs. Per n. Black GC.Tehy Buster Brown of Fanci Fx.Brown Mc Tabby White.

GC.Bolo Tumbleweed of Tehy.Red Tabby white.

Bocasana`s Easy going of Tehy.Blue Mc Tabby white.

CH.Fanci FX Visa of Starbourne.Calico.

GC Vondeens hot shot of vondeens.Red Tabby white.

CH.Fanci FX Partial Eclipse.Black and white.

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