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My future Girl.

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Kiss Me av Reffsgård (N)

Sire: SC.S* Meibel`s  Catch Driver.
Dam: IC.S*Meibel`s Jealous.



Bis Winner

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EC (European Champion)
US* Parti Wai Beliz My Love DSM.


Sire: GC. NL* Commodore Andre of Parti Wai.
GC.US* Parti Wai Mirror Image.


Bis Winner

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SC.DE. Amberdreams Jameela.

Sire: CH.US* MacGlen`s Castletown of Amberdreams.
Dam: DE*El Zaburs Feu Foilet of Amberdreams.


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IC.S* Meibel`s Jealous.

Sire:GC Miramacats Evian of Planet Love.                
Dam:CH.S*Meibel`s Miracle DSM.

Cat  of the Year #6 2014. ( 6 shows
Cat of  the Year # 2 2012.
Kitten of the Year # 3 2011. 
  Junior Winner.



SC.S*Meibel`s Fame JW DSM. DVM

Sire: S* Meibel`s2B Or Not 2B
Dam: Ch. S* Meibel`s Miracle DSM.


National Winner 2015.
Cat of the Year 2015.
National Winner 2013.
Kitten of the Year. 2013.


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NW.Grand. Int. Ch.Bali av Reffsgård (N) JW
Sire: SC.S* Meibel`s Catch Driver.
Dam: SC.DE.Amberdreams Jameela.



Bis Winner.

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Grand. Int. Ch. Touch of Love av Reffsgård (N)

Sire:SC.S* Meibel`s Catch Driver.
Dam: NW IC Bali av Reffsgård (N) JW.


My future girl
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(N) Bombalurina's Ella Fitzgerald
Sire: SC.Blessing av Reffgård() JW DSM
Dam:(N) Bombalurina's Mary Jo


Kiss Me or Mimmi as we call her, is a heavy boned and big girl. A beautiful head and body, with ton`s of coat, lion paws and a short short tale and legs.  Deep brown large eyes and a very kind personality.
6 months in picture, she is living with my friend Ingunn, so I am not showing her, but I think she will be a great
Aksess to my breeding program.














I really like this girl.
Everything about her is short and compact,
body, legs and tail.
She has small  well set ear`s,
a very beautiful eye colour,
and lot`s of coat. Very sweet in temper.
Thank you Gloria Busselmann.  Parti Wai persians, for this beautiful girl.
















This is my sweet girl from Germany.
She has a wonderful strong and heavy body, short tale, short legs, 
a very smooth dome, and  small ears, set wide apart.
Her eye colour is deep brown and she has lots of coat.
Thank you Gabriela at El Zaburs Cattery for this lovely girl..












Thank you Susanne for this lovely girl.
This girl is big like a boy, very compact,beautiful head and body, with small wide set ears and the most beautiful big brown eye`s
She has tons of coat and has very short legs and tail.


















This is my girl Fame from Sweden.
She is such a sweet and loving girl with the most loving temper.
She has a wonderful body, strong built with a short body, leg`s and tail.
Her head is fully rounded with a smooth and high dome, and she has the most beautiful, dark brown eyes.
Thank you so much Susanne Nyman S*Meibel`s Cattery for this beautiful girl.





















This girl  became a Junior Winner in just 6 weeks. 4 ½  month`s old.
She loves to be at the shows and love to be at the judges table. She has a perfect high fully rounded forhead.
She has a short and cobby body with strong red, black and white coulours. She has tiny ears set wide apart and she has deep copper brown eyes.  












I really like this girl, she has such a lovely expression, deep brown big eyes,Small set ears wide apart.
A very silky beautiful cout with very light dilute colours.
And a very compact, strong built body.
7 months in picture.









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